In response to a family emergency, Antonella Dicintio boarded an Air Canada flight leaving from Toronto for Ottawa this week to see her husband who had fallen into a coma while at a conference for his job.

Pilot Matthew Guetta was already flying the plane but then went beyond the call of duty after he overheard the young mother talking on the phone.

“He offered to personally take me, once he landed the flight, to Ottawa General Hospital to be by my husbands side,” she told Good News Network.

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His kindness and good deed did not go unappreciated.

“It was able to ease some of my stress about getting off the flight and not knowing where to go once we landed.”

In response to her overwhelming thanks, Guetta told her that he normally kept a low profile at work but he was glad he could help.

“Matthew was very humble,” she recalled, but still she wanted to thank him in front of as many people as possible so reached out to GNN:

“As I wait at the hospital by my husband’s side, hoping he will wake and have a full recovery so we can return home to our family, I am so grateful for having met you Matthew Guetta!”

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As of Sunday, they were still in Ottawa but looking forward to his likely discharge from the hospital on Monday. Other family members had also arrived to be at his bedside—undoubtedly flying Air Canada.

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