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Sometimes, the people who really need it, get a big break.

Sherri Stankewitz quit her career and moved into a mere garage to be near the dogs she has dedicate her life to saving, and spend all her time and money on her animal rescue project that helps abandoned pups.

She was planning the biggest WeCare adoption event ever, and thought the camera crew was there for a documentary. What was really unfolding was a prank–one that would lead to huge surprises for the California animal lover.

An animal enforcement officer showed up and told her she had an hour to send all the dogs to new homes or he’d take them away from her. He was an actor, part of the latest  “Prank It Forward” good deeds from the YouTube entrepreneur, DEFY Media.

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The prankster YouTube channel also raising money for a homeless charity, by donating one dollar for every 1,000 views of their videos. This one has tallied a million views in just 24 hours. At the same time, they do good deeds for their “victims.” In the past, they’ve given a waitress a new job and car, and totally rocked the world of a housekeeper with a new home.

In this new video, a frantic Sherri had been expecting only five or ten of her dogs to be adopted that whole day, but when the actor returned, instead of bad news, he brought an amazing new animal trailer loaded with dozens of people already cleared to adopt all 30 animals from her shelter.

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That was just the beginning of the huge surprises in store for the always-working Long Beach volunteer. They also brought an all-expense paid vacation to Aruba, and fully paid her operating costs for a full year at the shelter.

(WATCH the video below — Photo by“Prank It Forward”)

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