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A Michigan restaurant is offering a free feast and fellowship for the lonely on Thanksgiving — and it may be more crowded than the owner expected.

A passerby in Northville noticed the sign in the window of George’s Senate Coney Island offering free meals for anyone alone on Thanksgiving Day. He snapped a picture, posted it at Imgur, and thousands of people have seen the generous offer.

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“Good Guy George,” Keleesi posted in the comments.

“Having had my last 3 thanksgivings alone, this actually almost made me cry,” Nick Duggar wrote.

The immigrant owner, George Dimopoulos, has been offering the free Thanksgiving meals to people who have no nearby friends or family for 10 years.

“The reason I do this is because I was alone one time,” Dimopoulos told ABC News. “I remember the good times and bad times.”

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He left home when he was only 12 and remembers begging for food from strangers while living on the streets in Athens, Greece.

George says he loses a little money every year, but it’s worth it to cheer up his neighbors home alone on a holiday.

(WATCH the video below from WXYZ News) — Photo: RymingIsFun, Imgur

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