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Three separate incidents of strangers praying with police officers in Mississippi, Kentucky, and Georgia are reminding people that Americans—black and white—are coming together in the wake of tragedy.

In the photo above, Deputy Clinton Powell who works for the Muscogee County Marshal’s Office in Columbus, Georgia was in a local Wal-mart store when Avery Rosser approached him and began praying with the officer.

Rosser shared the picture last Saturday on Facebook following the recent shootings in Louisiana, Minnesota and Dallas.

Similarly, Rita Baker posted a photo she took in Kentucky while stopped at a traffic light. It showed a homeless man and an officer that appeared to be praying, standing on the side of the road, holding hands with their heads bowed.

“They stood this way for about 30 seconds,” she wrote, but didn’t know anything specific about the situation.

“It speaks volumes to the types of officers we have here at the Georgetown Police Department,” Baker said.

cop prays with man at car-Rita Baker-FB

In Mississippi, Harrison County Sheriff’s Deputy Josh Harmon said an older woman stopped him at a gas station and asked to pray with him. He said he was overcome with emotion when others, black and white, joined in.

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Harmon posted his feelings about the incident in a video: “Had one of the most amazing experiences of my life! I hardly ever post anything job related but this was something I will remember for the rest of my life and I had to share!”

“She comes up to me and says, ‘Your life matters. Can I pray with you?’ ” Harmon, 25, recalled.

“And we prayed. And people joined in. It was the most amazing thing. They were black, white, together. There was no hate. No one was saying anything negative. It was just us praying. And it was amazing.”

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“It’s not unusual for people to walk up and say, ‘Thank you for your service.’ People show support every day. But never anything like that,” he added. “I was pretty emotional.”

“Everything going on in this world right now, for somebody to come up to you like that right there, it completely blew me away.”

After his overnight shift ended, Harmon shared the video below in which he recounts the story for a longtime friend and his father.

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