swimmer Annaleise Carr Camp TrilliumAs Annaleise Carr left the water Sunday, she became the youngest girl ever to swim the 32-mile (52 km) crossing of Lake Ontario, besting her long-time hero Marilyn Bell, who made the first such crossing in 1954 at the age of 16.

After the brutal 27-hour ordeal, the 14-year-old Carr smiled wide as she laid hands on the rungs of a ladder that would lead her out of the lake she had just conquered.

Her fundraising goal of $50,000 was exceeded Sunday while in mid-swim, when she received a single donation of $10,000 to buoy her spirits.

The Ontario teen had raised more than $90,000 for Camp Trillium — a summer camp for children with cancer — at the time of this writing.

READ the full story, with video, in the Toronto Star

Learn more at AnnaleisesLakeOntarioCrossing.weebly.com

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