dog-saves-family-nbcvidThere was a wonderful true story on TV not long ago and it makes my heart glad whenever I think of it.

Shortly after a litter of puppies was born, one of them escaped and fell down into a small drainage pipe which was recessed in a 3 foot deep concrete box. A gentleman and his daughter who lived nearby heard the cries of this puppy but were unable to rescue him. However each day they left food in this concrete enclosure and each day the food was eaten. He always returned into the small drainage pipe. Others tried calling him to no avail.

After several weeks, one of neighbors called the local radio DJ who in turn broadcast their plight. One of the listeners heard about it while driving with her dog, Annie.

Now this listener thought a great deal of her dog. So she said, “Let’s go Annie.” They drove to the trouble spot and she said to her dog, “Go get the baby, Annie!”

Annie, who was of a mutt orgin, immediately hopped into the concrete enclosure and into the drainage pipe which was a tight fit even for a wiry dog like Annie. Ten or fifteen minutes passed in suspense. Then, wonder of wonders, here comes Annie, tail first, wiggling out of the drainage pipe with the puppy in her mouth. There was cheering all around and a happy, proud look on the face of Annie’s owner. A fireman who was on the scene to help, decided to adopt the puppy. Whenever I hear of a canine heroine, I’ll always think of Annie.

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