Artificial trees by SolarBotanic Using cutting edge materials and proven technology to harvest energy from the sun and wind, SolarBotanic is planning to produce artificial trees that look like real plants, but produce electricity when the wind blows and sun shines.

SolarBotanic’s method of energy capture is both clean and renewable with a wide spectrum of applications, but the aesthetics are also pleasing, which is useful in areas where wind turbines are not allowed.

The lifelike artificial trees become “powerhouses of renewable energy” when interacting with the outdoor elements including rain. According to SolarBotanic, an average tree with a canopy of about 6 sq metres can create enough energy to provide for the needs of an average household.

The artificial leaf (Nanoleaf) captures the sun’s radiant energy in photo voltaic and thermo voltaic cells converting the radiation into electricity. Simultaneously, as the wind blows the stems, twigs and branches are compressed and stretched, creating electricity using millions of activated micro circuits.

(READ the article in Discovery News)

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