Jessica Kruger by Erin Wild Photography, for SFUJessica Kruger’s gorgeous face became the favorite in online voting for a campaign to find the new spokesperson for a perfume company.

The 21-year-old quadriplegic sees the modeling contract as an opportunity to educate the public.

She entered the “Something Sweet” campaign by the Lise Watier company upon the urging of a friend “just for fun”, but decided that the voting could help change the world’s perception of beauty.

“Jessica will make a world of difference as a role model for women seeking to triumph over tragedy through determination and perseverance,” said Kruger’s mother, Mary in a press release. “Jessica’s will to engage in helping herself persevere with rehabilitation without going into an electric chair helped her greatly to go from having no hand movement to having full use of both hands.”

Now a student at Simon Fraser University, she fell from a ladder when she was 15 and lost all use of her legs. A lifelong athlete, she went on to become the only female to play on a B.C. wheelchair rugby team.

(WATCH the inspiring video below)

Photo credit: Erin Wild Photography, for SFU


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