When Jacob Hall was late on a tooth-fairy payment for his seven-year-old son Evan, he thought on his feet, as many parents do, explaining that the tooth fairy lives in Australia, and has to travel from down under.

When his son lost his next tooth, Hall posted on Reddit with an unusual request.

“My son thinks his tooth fairy is Australian. Help a dad out?” wrote Jacob. “He writes letters to the tooth fairy when he loses a tooth, and he would be blown away by an audio reply.”

Another father of three, Jeff Pyrotek, a stay at home dad, decided to step in to help from his desktop in Victoria.

It took Jeff about thirty seconds to record a greeting from a tooth fairy named Bruce, explaining, “I had the equipment sitting in front of me and it wasn’t going to be much effort.”

He recorded the greeting and added a plug, “Don’t forget to brush your teeth.”

Since then, Hall says Evan “hasn’t been able to stop talking about it.”

That’s a real beaut.

(LISTEN to the recording above, or READ the story, w/ photo, from ABC.au) – File photo by OpenThreads, CC

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