principal Jihad DibWhen Jihad Dib was appointed principal of Punchbowl Boys High School in New South Wales at age 33, it was a hotbed of violence and trouble. His modern and successful approach to reforming the school has transformed the student body and staff into a family, and recently earned him a Pride of Australia medal.

The charismatic and inspirational headmaster has torn down the barbed wire that encircled the school and now finds teachers lining up to transfer there. Reading scores have risen, absenteeism has fallen, and the improvement in scores between year 7 and year 9 is among the highest in the country.

“Kids from families that have never had anyone finish high school, let alone get a degree, are graduating year 12 and bound for university,” reports the SM Herald.

– WATCH a video below, from Eyewitness News 10

READ the story via a January Sydney Morning Herald)

[Editor’s note: If you are in the British Commonwealth, you may be able to view this Australian video from last week about Mr. Dib receiving the Pride of Australia Award. Also, thanks to Kimee Anderson for suggesting the story via our Facebook Page!

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