Australian Widow Leaves $4 Million Mansion To Help Homeless Kids

Australian Widow Leaves $4 Million Mansion To Help Homeless Kids

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Lily Fardell may not have had any children of her own, but many children who don’t have a home will be living a better life thanks to the sale of hers.

Lily’s legacy of generosity in her New South Wales community has continued following her death earlier this year, as the sale of her mansion, known as Pacific House, funds charity efforts to help local homeless children.

The house, which sold at auction for a whopping $2.35 million dollars, is still full of sculptures, furniture, and antiques that are expected to bring the total amount of her donation to St. Vincent de Paul in Newcastle to nearly $4 million after auction. Mary McBride at Victory Heights retirement home (We Are Family)

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Known for her kindness and spunk, Lily often hosted Christmas and tea parties on her veranda with friends, caroling, and wine.

Those friends are reportedly eager to attend the auction for the Catholic charity and plan to take home reminders of their friend as a way of supporting her generous last wish.

“She couldn’t have children of her own,” her nephew Michael told The Sydney Morning Herald. “But she loved children and left almost everything she had to a charity which supported them.”

Photos via The Sydney Morning Herald

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