It has always been a tradition for customers at the Siesta Oyster Bar to contribute to the restaurant’s decor by attaching dollar bills to the wall.

However, the staffers have been working tirelessly over the course of the last month to remove the makeshift wallpaper so they can donate it all to hurricane relief in the Bahamas.

Since Hurricane Dorian blew through the islands last month, the staffers have collectively taken down over $15,000 in dollar bills.

It’s apparently taken a lot of hard work to gently remove all of the “hardcore staples” from the wall without hurting the money, but the employees say that they have successfully removed about 90% of the bills.

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Not only that, general manager Kristin Hale told that other customers have been inspired to make additional donations of their own.

“They come in and see what we’re going and give us a $20 bill … or a $10 or a $5,” she told the news outlet.

The bar also helped to raise another $10,000 by holding a collaborative fundraiser with some of the other local businesses in Siesta Key Village earlier this month.

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