It’s been five years since people from all over the world came together in San Francisco to grant a little boy’s wish of being Batman – and now, people are delighted to find out that he has been thriving after his cancer treatment.

Miles Scott was just twenty months old when he was diagnosed with lymphoblastic leukemia. As he was undergoing chemotherapy when Make-A-Wish asked if he had any wishes they could help to make come true.

While some youngsters might be content to meet Batman at Disney World, Miles said that he wanted to be Batman.

The organization was determined to make the boy’s wish come true, so they put out an international call for people to help orchestrate an elaborate superhero adventure for Miles the “Bat Kid”— and thousands of people volunteered and donated money to bring the tall tale to life; even Lamborghinis were donated to turn into Batmobiles.

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Miles was five years old when he finally finished his treatment, and the city of San Francisco was ready to celebrate. Over 20,000 people filled the streets to cheer him on as he battled villainy alongside firefighters, police officers, and the San Francisco Giants baseball team. News outlets televised Miles’s mission to defeat ‘The Joker’ and ‘Riddler’ and celebrities like President Obama tweeted messages of support to the youngster.

Following the crimefighting adventure, the San Francisco Chronicle renamed its paper for a day to the Gotham City Chronicle and published a front-page article with a huge headline reading: “Batkid Saves City”.

An anonymous fan even erected a billboard.

Batkid billboard-PatriciavWilson tweeted this
Make-a-Wish Foundation photo

Five years after the incredible event, Miles is reportedly in remission and showing no signs of the disease.

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“Many people ask us, ‘How is Miles doing?’ The answer is, he’s doing great!” says the Make-A-Wish website.

“Since his crime fighting day five years ago, Miles has returned to being a typical kid—playing little league, going to school, helping (on) his family farm.

“Now 10 years old and in fifth grade, Miles loves science and robotics. After fighting his own heroic battle with leukemia, Miles visits his oncologist once a year, and has been in remission from leukemia for the past five years. [Mile’s mom] Natalie also wrote to Make-A-Wish recently to ask whether she could become a volunteer wish granter herself.”

If you want to hear more about Miles’s story, you can watch a documentary about the incredible day called “Batkid Begins”.

(WATCH the film trailer below)

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