An English inventor has designed an ingenious little device that can act as a lifeline for exhausted honeybees – and you can keep it tucked right next to your credit card.

40-year-old Dan Harris designed the Bee Savior Cards in order to ensure that anyone can save hungry honeybees this summer simply by using the contents of their wallet.

The cards hold three different stashes of sugar solution which can be used as a life-saving snack for pollinators.

Since bees have such a speedy metabolism, they will often starve if they are unable to find flowers or nectar within forty minutes of their last meal.

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If you have ever seen a bee crawling around on the sidewalk, there is a good chance that it was unsuccessfully searching for food – but now if you happen to be carrying a Bee Savior Card, you can simply peel back the foil on one of the formula stashes and offer it up as a quick energy boost.

That being said, ecologists caution that people should be careful of how they handle exhausted bees. Pedestrians should refrain from feeding stationary honeybees in late summer, as they are usually worker bees that have been banished from their hive, and feeding them may only prolong their struggle.

Additionally, since sugar solutions are devoid of essential proteins, people are encouraged to try and revive hungry pollinators by moving them onto a flower.

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The cards, on the other hand, are designed to be used by people in warm urban areas where there may not be as much greenery or foliage. The cards can also be used if the flowers have already been drained by other pollinators.

“When we heard about bees getting so exhausted so quickly, the fact that we can revive them with sugar solution just struck us as a really great opportunity to connect with nature – especially in a city,” Harris told BBC.

Although Harris successfully crowdfunded the production of his cards in just 36 hours, the campaign is now raising additional funds to buy new manufacturing equipment. He hopes to sell the refillable cards online for £4 ($5.15) apiece starting in June.

(WATCH the video below) – Photo by Savior Bees

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