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The jury’s still out on whether cologne will attract a romantic partner, but this one will lure a jaguar out of the brush so you can take pictures of it.

Biologists studying the big cats in Guatemalan rain forests had trouble photographing the stealthy predators, until they turned to Calvin Klein’s “Obsession for Men.”

Turns out, it’s like catnip, only pricier — $55 for four ounces.Kangaroo Hug teddy Gillian Abbott released

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Since jaguars are able to smell it a half mile away, the investment pays off. The cats come running and stick around, rubbing up against the rocks and wildlife cameras spritzed with the scent long enough for researchers to get detailed photos of the cats.

Their pictures give Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) biologists a more precise count on the exact number of jaguars living in the 8,100 square mile Maya Biosphere Reserve. Their research also helps spur support for conservation.

The WCS discovered the animals’ obsession with Obsession during an experiment at the Society’s Bronx Zoo in New York. Pat Thomas, the zoo’s general curator, tested 24 fragrances on big cats to see which ones would keep their curiosity the longest.rescued_lions2_ADI_

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Obsession for Men was the clear winner, holding a cheetah’s attention for more than 11 minutes — longer than they take to eat a meal.

There might even be some truth in those ads touting a cologne’s animal attraction —researchers have even gotten rare photos of the mysterious jaguars’ mating rituals.

(READ more at ABC News) — Photo: Kali the destroyer, CC

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