A 13-year-old boy found himself in deep trouble on Sunday night, but the city of Los Angeles had his back.

Jesse Hernandez had been playing with some other children in an abandoned factory when he fell through a piece of wood and dropped 25-feet into the city sewage system. He then wandered through the maze of pipes to find a way out.

Over 100 Los Angeles firefighters and police officials spent the next 12 hours searching in the drainage system with special cameras to try and find the youngster.

Though the boy was fearful for his own safety, he crawled on this knees through almost an entire mile of piping until he finally saw light coming through a manhole cover and waited to be rescued.

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On Monday morning, LA firefighters finally found the youngster, hauled him to safety, rushed him to the hospital for treatment, and reunited him with his family.

The Los Angeles Fire Department released a statement on the rescue, saying: “A tremendous team effort over the past 12 hours resulted in the best outcome, Jesse Hernandez was found alive this morning. We would like to thank the entire Hernandez family for their patience and optimism.

“From start to finish, this was an unprecedented team effort and the LAFD would like to recognize the excellent teamwork among all agencies involved.”

(WATCH the video below)

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