10-year-old on internet via CBS NewsIn Steven’s Point, Wisconsin, a boy cared enough not only about his own grandmother, but the dozens of foster kids she had taken into her home over the years, that he took on the task of saving her house from foreclosure.

“Noah found out about the situation from eavesdropping on a conversation,” reported CBS’s Steve Hartman in February.

Determined to help his grandmother out, and keep her home available for destitute children, he posted a message on a site called Noah’s Dream Catcher Network asking for the $10,000 needed to catch up on her payments:

“I want to give her her home back… I need to rasie $10,000 by the end of Jan to help her. It seems like sooo much money but if I have 400 friends who can spare $25.00 I can give her this gift!! Only 200 friends if they give $50.00,” he pleaded on the website.

(WATCH the video below or READ the story at CBS News)

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