scout interviews WWII vet -NBC video snapshotA new project to record the stories of America’s “Greatest Generation” was launched by a Boy Scout who lost his grandfather at an early age.

Of the 16 million men and women galvanized during World War II, fewer than two million are still alive. Society is losing on average 700 of these seniors daily — like the scout’s grandpa who fought in the Battle of the Bulge. Many of this generation have never spoken about what they did during the war.

Kyle Miller was four when his grandfather died. As a 12 year-old boy scout, “he joined a group for World War II veterans and was so fascinated by their stories that he became their archivist.”

He felt a kinship with them and now he’s taken on the huge task to make certain that one thousand of their stories live on forever. Kyle’s website, Voices From the Front, recruits volunteers to conduct interviews and calls on veterans’ groups to get involved.

(WATCH the Making a Difference video below, or READ the story at NBC and see another video)

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