A young boy is being praised for the kindness that he showed an elderly stranger when she was having trouble navigating a set of stairs with her walker.

8-year-old Maurice Adams Jr. from Milledgeville, Georgia was driving home from a high school graduation with his mom and sister when he saw an older woman slowly making her way across the busy street. At the end of the crosswalk, there was a set of stairs which the woman would have to climb with walker in hand.

Maurice was saddened by the fact that the woman was alone – so he asked his mother if he could get out of the car to help the senior.

His mother, of course, said yes.

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Maurice then hopped out of the car, went up to the woman, and helped her up the steps. When they reached the top, the woman hugged Maurice and gave him a simple message: “You’re special.”

Little did Maurice know, a man named Riley Duncan was watching the exchange from a nearby car. Touched by the boy’s kindness, he whipped out his phone and took a video. He then sent the footage to WSB-TV, where viewers hailed the boy’s good deed.

Maurice’s proud mother, Contricia Hill, told the news outlet: “It’s touching. It’s very touching. [It just shows how] respect and raising your kids right goes a long way.”

(WATCH the video below)

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