In what is being called the “most adorable random act of kindness”, a stranger has made sure that a little boy will always be able to continue using his favorite parking space.

According to a Twitter post created by freelance travel writer Christie Dietz, her 4-year-old son has been parking his bike by the same lamppost “pretty much every day for the last year”.

Then earlier this week, her son was surprised – and delighted – that someone had attached a specialized parking sticker to the lamppost.

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On the sticker was a photo of the boy’s little green bike above the word “Only”.

“Absolutely made our day,” wrote Dietz. “People can be so brilliant.”

Though Dietz has no idea who in Wiesbaden, Germany could have done the good deed for her son, she says that she plans on leaving a note by the parking spot to properly thank whomever may have created it.

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