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Ross Kelly wasn’t looking for rewards or recognition when he learned sign language – he just wanted to communicate with Isam Gurung and conform to his deafness.

After Isam transferred from a specialty school in Sydney to Amaroo Primary School in Canberra, Australia he was too shy to talk to any of his new peers.

That’s when he and Ross started passing notes, leading to their blossoming friendship.

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Wanting a more efficient form of communication, Ross learned Auslan, the Australian version of sign language.

Ross’s teacher, Sarah Middleton, then nominated him for the Fred Hollows Foundation Humanity Award.

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The kind-hearted boy’s victory meant that he got to pick which charity would receive a $5,000 donation.

“It is amazing that he has learned a whole new language and to see a student take on something so big and be able to follow that passion,” she told ABC. “I imagine Isam’s world can be pretty lonely at times, so it is amazing that he has someone who can communicate with him.”

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