puppy helper Bubbas Animal PrideA young man in Tennessee doesn’t let autism or mental challenges stop him from living a full life — and helping others less fortunate to do the same.

After visiting the animal control office to look for a new pet, 15 year-old Bubba asked his mother why the dogs and cats didn’t have any toys, beds or blankets. They looked cold and lonely in their cages. He asked if the family could buy the beds and toys. His mom had to explain that they couldn’t afford the cost.

“All that day I could see that he had a lot on his mind,” said his mother. “Later that evening he came to me and told me he would raise money to help the animals.”

He was already collecting aluminum can tabs for the local Ronald McDonald House, so Bubba decided to start crocheting items so he could sell them.

Together he and his mother went on youtube to look for projects and came across a couple made with PLARN  — plastic yarn made from plastic shopping bags.

Bubba started making reusable bags and cosmetic bags, cutting the plarn into strips, tying them together and crocheting with them just like yarn.

“Bubba’s passion has went above and beyond what I would have ever imagined,” said his mom, who helped him set up a website, Bubbasanimalpride.org, to collect donations.

The money he raises buys food, toys, travel cages, pays adoption fees and much more. Every penny raised goes straight to the animals.

Those who know him say Bubba has a heart of gold and a passion for helping his fellow human, too, volunteering his time helping elderly residents and hospital patients. Follow his project on Facebook at BubbasAnimalPride.

Thanks to Mia Abbott for submitting the story!


  1. please do not use the term “retardation” as the new revised DSM-V has eliminated this diagnosis because of its practical uselessness and obvious stigmatising effects. A lovely article though showing how there is absolutely nothing “retarded” about this guy’s heart!

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