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Most kids look forward to gifts and cake on their birthdays, but a 9-year-old Mississippi boy had a selfless wish for his special day…and called on his friends to help make it a reality.

Instead of presents, 9-year-old Carson Atkins asked for monetary donations for the children of local police officer Benjamin Deen, who was killed in the line of duty last month.

“Because Father’s Day was coming up and police officers give to us every single day, so I thought that (for) one day I could give to them,” Atkins said.Courtney-Vashaw-Principal-screenshot-450px

Students Give $8000 Raised for Class Trip to Principal’s Cancer Treatment


When the Lamar County Sheriff’s Department heard that Carson raised $1,000, they made a surprise visit to his birthday party for their fallen comrade, giving him badges and medals in thanks.

The most touching reward for Carson came from the officer’s brother, who brought over a shoebox of baseball cards that had belonged to the deputy, who shared Carson’s love of the sport.

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