While bus drivers are required to stick to their schedules, this compassionate driver did not mind stopping along his route to check up on a distressed teenage girl.

When the unidentified driver reportedly saw the youngster on Tuesday morning, he exited the bus to ask if she was okay.

She then said that she had gotten lost and she was worried that she would be late to her first day of high school.

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The driver then called her a cab, gave her some fare money, and walked her to a nearby grocery store where she could be picked up.

One of the bus’s passengers, Lynsey Jayes of Leeds, England, posted a photo of the driver with the caption describing his good deed.

“This bus driver on the Number 16 this morning deserves a huge pat on the back,” Jayes wrote on Facebook. “A young girl waiting for the bus at the wrong side of the road and was upset she would be late for her first day at high school.

“The driver not only phoned her a taxi, he walked her to Tesco and he paid for it.

“Now that is a reason I don’t mind my bus running late for.”

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