Buzz Aldrin on Moon PublicDomain NASA

46 years after men first walked on the moon, we are reminded that while rocket fuel powered the Apollo 11 spacecraft, governments still run on paperwork.

Buzz Aldrin, the second man to walk on the moon, still has the US Customs form from his return trip back to Earth and recently shared it on Twitter.

You have to smile at how “Moon” was dropped into his “Places visited on route” as if it were no big deal. “Moon rocks and moon dust” were also listed as items to declare.


Aldrin also turned in a travel voucher for $33.31 when he returned to earth. Most of his expenses were for car trips to and from airports and driving around the Kennedy Space Center in Florida.


At the bottom of the Customs form it asks traveler to list “Any other condition on board which may lead to the spread of disease,” which the astronauts ominously answered: “To be determined.”

(READ more at the Financial Express) – Photo from Buzz Aldrin via Twitter

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