The weather may be getting hotter, but Californians are exceeding the state government’s expectations by conserving a record amount of water.

The State Water Resources Control Board reports that consumers cut their usage by 29% in May, one-upping the government’s request for a 25% reduction by the end of June.

“My first response is almost disbelief,” Mark Gold of UCLA’s Institute of the Environment and Sustainability told the L.A. Times. “These results are beyond encouraging; they’re heartening. They make you realize that as a whole, people in urban areas are making the sacrifices necessary to get through this unprecedented drought.”Anheuser-Busch-Water-Cans-in-Packaging (1)

Anheuser-Busch Cuts Beer Production to Provide Water for Storm Victims


People in dozens of communities across the Golden State have risen to the occasion by shortening showers, using water-efficient appliances, and turning lawns into drought-resistant gardens, cutting their use upwards of 30% in some cases.

The State Water Board again called on Californians to continue conserving as the drought persists through the critical summer months.

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