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A court settlement has just given 60,000 felony offenders the right to vote again in California.

They all committed low-level offenses and were released, placed under community supervision to ease prison overcrowding. They never regained their right to vote and a lawsuit was filed on their behalf to get those voting rights back.

A Superior Court Judge agreed back in May saying the idea of the community supervision sentence “was to reintroduce felons into the community, which is consistent with restoring their right to vote.” After initially appealing the case, the state agreed to a settlement last week.heroin crime rehab story gloucester-police-department photo permission

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California Secretary of State Alex Padilla said, “If we are serious about slowing the revolving door at our jails and prisons, and serious about reducing recidivism, we need to engage—not shun—former offenders.”Prison garden screenshot MD Dept Public Safet

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The Sentencing Project says roughly six million Americans are not allowed to vote because of  criminal convictions in their past. A bill before Congress and a possible referendum in Florida may restore voting rights to thousands more ex-offenders who’ve completed their sentences.

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  1. What a great idea. Everyone deserves a second chance, especially if they have learned their lessons and kept their noses clean. Yep! I am speaking from experience. I made some bad life choices 20 years ago, and have been a productive, clean and sober adult since. I miss not having the right to vote or own a firearm. It would be nice to have the chance to do both again. I hope all states allow this soon.

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