Erin Schulte may not get to see the fruits of her labor in person, but she has been working like an elf to spread a little Christmas cheer to homeless people across North America.

Schulte, who is from Delta, British Columbia, has been collecting thousands of holiday cards to place on the pillows of people living in homeless shelters on the nights leading up to Christmas.

The Canadian woman began the “Christmas Card Collective” last year when she asked her friends and family members to send her cards that she could pass on to the less fortunate.

After setting a modest goal of 225 cards, Schulte was stunned to receive over 800 letters – so this year, she took to social media in the hopes of collecting even more.

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Sure enough, Schulte says that she has already received thousands of additional cards from strangers young and old, and their heartfelt messages have moved her to tears.

“These are the most words from complete strangers. You don’t know if it’s someone in kindergarten, an 80-year-old lady… it’s just a big beautiful bundle of Christmas spirit and giving,” Schulte told CTV Vancouver as she sorted through piles of cards.



Over the course of the last few months, Schulte and her friends have been reading each individual card before packing them up and sending them to homeless shelters across Canada.

This year, she says that she even sent cards to shelters in Los Angeles, and she planned on hand-delivering a shipment of cards to a youth shelter in Seattle.

(WATCH the news coverage below) – Photo by CTV Vancouver

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