Jenga-playing cat is amazing at dismantling the tower of blocks one brick at a time.

And, we thought this was a game of skill only for humans…


  1. Hi, So happy to find a site like this to show my children. That said, this Friday Funny Cat Video goes from delightful to sick and twisted. There are many minutes of owners teasing and scaring their cats and laughing. Extremely disappointing to find here, of all places. Doesn’t reposting this type of meanness encourage the owners to keep it up?

  2. I don’t know what you were looking at. This Jenga video has no teasing. It is only 1:24 minute long. If you clicked on other youtube videos displayed after this was over, that is your choice, but those are not featured on GNN. I will be deleting these comments after you have a chance to look at it.


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