Mordecai the bunny – or “Morty” for short – doesn’t have any thumbs; but that doesn’t stop him from absolutely dominating at Jenga.

The little rabbit used to spend his days in a backyard hutch, neglected of any companionship or attention. In fact, Morty was so ignored at his old home, he developed a botfly infestation: a nasty parasite that preys on furry mammals.

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After he was rescued by animal shelter workers, however, he was eventually treated for his condition and transferred to PETA.

A staffer named Kendall Bryant then adopted Morty as her own – and he has been enjoying a life of luxury ever since.

Morty now enjoys running around his new home, snuggling with Kendall, and “supervising” meal preparation in the kitchen – but most of all, he enjoys a good game of Jenga.

(WATCH the video below)

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