Zendaya and Twitter User-Gage Skidmore

This beautiful 19-year-old girl was being harassed on Twitter for her weight – which then resulted in her being offered a modeling gig by a celebrity actress.

Zendaya, a 20-year-old American actress and musician with her own clothing like Daya by Zendaya, stumbled across a man who was reposting pictures of a female Monmouth University student with rude captions.

Disgusted, the Disney channel star responded to the man by saying: “She is fine as hell head to toe and [I guarantee she] does’t know you exist, my man.”

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She then asked social media users if they could help her track down the bullied student and ask her to be a plus-sized model for her clothing line.

The student, known as IllestCee, joyfully accepted the offer.

“I’m really speechless right now because becoming a plus size model has always been my number one goal,” wrote the student.

Since the Tweets went viral, IllestCee has received an outpouring of support and adoration with such comments as “[he] posted this hoping to slander her but ended up getting her signed to model for Zendaya … this the epitome of haters never prosper.”

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  1. I’m happy for her. She’s a beautiful young woman.

    Why not just “model”? Why keep the stigma with “plus-size” model? Can we work to eliminate calling people “plus-size?” It’s just a euphemism for calling people fat.

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