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To get past the bullies at school, Daniel Keyte tells them he has a special reactor in his chest, just like comic book hero turned movie star, Iron Man.

In reality, they are tubes for his cystic fibrosis treatments, attached to his chest and side.

His mother, Vicky Keyte, posted a picture to Instagram of Daniel showing his version of an ‘arc reactor’ and asking actor Robert Downey Jr, who plays Iron Man, to drop a friendly comment of encouragement.

#cysticfibrosis #myironman #bulliescanthurtme @robertdowneyjr This is my son Daniel and he has cystic fibrosis, he is seven years old and wants nothing more to meet his idol Robert Downey Jr (aka iron man) as he has managed to get past the bullies he faces from day to day by telling them the he too has a extra special port in his chest much like iron man has his arc reactor, I am sharing this in hope that mr stark (as Daniel calls him out of the suit) could find a way to contact me on here as Daniel could really do with a little lift at the moment after a child at school has told him that all children with cf die. If this reaches him and Daniel could get a reply I hope that it could help him through his stay in hospital as it is starting to take its toll on him.

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Downey sprang into action — in a tiger suit instead of his usual Iron Man armor. He posted the picture to his Instagram account where he told Daniel he wears it to cheer himself up when he’s feeling down. Then, he invited the little boy to be a guest at the Hollywood premiere of “Captain America: Civil War.”


Keyte couldn’t believe it when she saw Downey’s response.

“I was a blubbering wreck,” she wrote.

She promises to keep people updated as they prepare for the big night — right down to Daniel’s tuxedo fitting for the walk down the red carpet. Photo credit: Robert Downey Jr. via Instagram


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