His employees call Mark Sebba the world’s most loved CEO and one day in July they decided to show their appreciation by staging a three-continent flashmob.

Sebba thought it was just another day at work in London, but when he walked up the escalator an elaborate production was touched-off as a tribute to the Englishman’s 11 years at the helm.

They created new words for the song, “The Man” by Aloe Blacc and included a gospel choir, drum corp and mariachi band.

“It’s time to say job well done
You’re the best, you’re the greatest one”

The main action switches to video screens with choreographed sequences from offices in New York, New Jersey, Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Charlton.

Rather than throw a hum-drum retirement party, the Executive Chairman and Founder of the Net-A-Porter Group, an online luxury fashion retailer, agreed with her fellow executives who wanted to do something special.

Clearly these hundreds of employees really love their boss.

(WATCH the heartwarming production below)

Story tip from Allison Conner Whitten


  1. As a former Supervisor, I couldn’t help but be impressed by the outpouring of affection for this obviously well-respected leader. It was great to see that not every CEO is a money-grabbing buffoon who doesn’t care about anything or anyone.

    As a worker-bee, all I could think of is, how many people in charge are truly qualified to lead. I’m not talking about the resume or education. I am speaking of the profound difference you can make in people’s lives when you have the authority of a manager. I have unfortunately been associated with unqualified, uncompassionate, and unlikeable rumored-to-be-human-beings that inspired me to write about “Bad Managers” at http://tomsmiscramblings.blogspot.com/2013/01/bad-managers.html You might enjoy and recognize many, but I apologize if it brings back bad memories as well!

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