To make these easily assembled water filters you will spend about 1/10th the cost of previous methods and help deliver clean water –using a device that has already quenched the thirst of thousands of Bangladeshis.

BioSand Filters (BSFs) are inexpensive and simple-to-use household water filters that use sand, gravel, and natural biological processes to filter pathogens out of water, making it safe for drinking.

The nonprofit organization OHorizons has created a new, easier, and less expensive method for producing the concrete BSFs. Their DIY Wood Mold can be built by following a comprehensive construction manual that is available for free online.

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The Wood Mold is usually 1/10th the cost of a traditional steel mold, with a construction manual that is so easy to understand, users who aren’t able to actually read have been able to decipher the instructions via assembly diagrams— a major difference from the steel mold, which requires a skilled welder to fashion.

Over 400 people/organizations have downloaded the Wood Mold Construction Manual to run local projects, which have provided over 5,500 people with clean drinking water in 2016 alone. The nonprofit plans to provide 1 million Bangladeshi citizens with sustainable clean drinking water access before 2022.

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