chicken drumstick Flickr-HermitsMoores-CCBig news this week on several fronts: against the overuse of antibiotics in agriculture and for healthier food for school children. The Chicago Public Schools announced that its main food-service company, Chartwells-Thompson Hospitality, will begin buying and serving chicken drumsticks from birds raised in the local area without antibiotics. The deal will bring 1.2 million pounds of chicken to 473 schools per year.

The third-largest school district in the country will purchase meat from a company where birds were raised without routine use of antibiotics in their feed. The drugs normally make it possible for animals to survive in crowded conditions, but also breed vast amounts of bacteria that is highly antibiotic-resistant as a consequence.

(READ the full story in Wired)

Photo: Flickr/HermitsMoores/CC

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