A new poll confirmed that adults definitely enjoy owning their independence—and breaking all the rules that their moms busted them for in their youth.

The survey of 2,000 Americans found that sugary snacks before bedtime was a rule that was just too much fun to break, with 45% saying they do that. 37% percent even confessed to “living their best lives” and having dessert for dinner.

Not only would most vote for having a snack of ice cream throughout the day, but many looked forward to having pizza for lunch—and dinner.

Commissioned by Carvel and conducted by OnePoll, the survey found that 51% of respondents admitted to eating on the couch, and half ate breakfast food for dinner.

16 percent of respondents said they didn’t feel it necessary to finish all their vegetables, and so they left them on their plates.

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And, no one is going to tell an adult that snacking before dinner will spoil their meal: half of respondents said they’ve indulged in a tasty bite ahead of the evening meal.

1. Eat on the couch 51%
2. Breakfast for dinner 50%
3. Snacks before dinner 50%
4. Eat sugary food before bed 45%
5. Dessert for dinner 37%
6. Not eating all my vegetables 16%

Desserts that topped the list of all-time favorites included milkshakes, chocolate chip cookies, ice cream cake, and cheesecake. The overwhelming menu item that adults want for the end of the day, though, is a piece of apple pie.

Although some indulgences were commonly practiced by these adults, there were still behaviors that they secretly would love to do today: 43% wished they could just with their hands. More than a third have had an urge to blow bubbles in their drink, hide the food they don’t like, or give it to the dog.

And, almost one in three people wish they could just start throwing their food—true kids, at heart.

1. Eat with your hands 43%
2. Blow bubbles in a drink 38%
3. Hiding food you don’t like 37%
4. Playing with your food 36%
5. Giving food to the dog 35%
6. Blowing straw wrapper at someone 33%
7. Avoiding vegetables 32%
8. Throwing food 32%

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