A live performance of Mozart’s music left adult audience members speechless earlier this week – but classical music fans are now looking for one young spectator whose adoration could be heard across the concert hall.

The Handel and Haydn Society performed their live orchestra season finale in order for it to be recorded and aired on WCRB radio in the fall.

As the orchestra finished with the final notes of Mozart’s Masonic Funeral Music, the silence of the spellbound audience was broken by the most charming sound: a young child uttering a dreamy, awestruck “Wow!”

The audience can then be heard enthusiastically applauding in agreement.

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Handel and Haydn Society President David Snead later wrote an open letter to the audience members asking for clues to the youngster’s identity.

“At the end of Sunday’s performance … something happened that I had never before experienced in my 40+ years of concert-going,” wrote Snead.

“While Harry Christophers was holding the audience rapt in pin-drop silence following the music’s end, what sounded like a child of about six years of age couldn’t hold back and gave out a ‘Wow!’ heard round the hall.

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“We would like to give our newest H+H fan and his family a copy of the recording and invite them to meet Harry Christophers when he returns to Boston this fall.

“H+H has great respect for our audience’s privacy and all information will be kept confidential in accordance with the family’s wishes.

“Regardless, it was one of the most wonderful moments I’ve experienced in the concert hall, and I’m glad you were all there to experience it as well.”

If you know how the society may get in contact with the boy, you can contact Snead via the WCRB website.

(LISTEN to the magical moment before) – Feature photo by Sam Brewer

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