13-year-old Kaitlyn Figueroa Lopez has never said a word in her entire life—until a Christmas lights display spurred her to speak.

Since Kaitlyn was first diagnosed as autistic and nonverbal at 3 years old, doctors predicted that she would never speak.

However, she and her mother Marisabel had been sitting outside their home in Mulberry, Florida so they could observe their neighbor’s holiday lights earlier this week when a “Christmas miracle” took place.

Every year, Don Weaver puts on a stunning music display with more than 200,000 individual lights synchronized to Christmas music. This is not the first time that the mother-daughter duo has watched the elaborate light show, but this is the first time that it inspired Kaitlyn to speak.

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As they were watching the lights, Kaitlyn suddenly stood up and started yelling “Santa! Santa is coming!”

For Marisabel, it was the first time that she had ever heard her daughter speak—and now, she believes it will certainly not be the last.

“To hear her speak, it just gives me hope,” she told the WFLA. “Today it’s 2 to 3 words, tomorrow it could be a sentence. A year from now it could be a whole conversation.”

(WATCH the heartwarming news coverage below) – Photo by WFLA

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