Thanks to a church’s inspiration, long lines of their community residents started queuing outside of a BP gas station last Saturday in order to receive free gas for their cars.

The First Baptist Church of District Heights, Maryland hosted a gas donation event where locals could fill up their tanks free of charge for up to $20. Free petrol was available from 8am to 11am and was intended to provide some financial relief for members of the community and surrounding areas.

”We love to look for ways to reach our community in the most creative and fun ways possible,” First Baptist’s Senior Pastor Bobby Manning told the Christian Post. “I saw a story from a Pastor in New York and wanted to replicate it for the District Heights community.”

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Pastor Manning and many members of the church lined the gas pumps servicing as many vehicles as possible. The free fuel was not limited to Maryland residents either — District of Columbia and Virginia residents were also welcome. First Baptist Church partnered with the local BP station to make the event possible, added Manning.

It’s not the first time this particular church has taken such an action. In the past, they have collaborated with First Laundromat to provide a day for local residents to wash and dry their clothes for free.

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