thousand dollar pizza tip screenshot Sycamore Creek Church

Now that’s an inspiring Sunday Service: A pizza delivery driver was in shock after receiving a $1,000 tip from a church congregation practicing what it preaches.

Sycamore Creek Church in Pickerington, Ohio had just wrapped up a month of sermons and lessons on the value of random acts of kindness. The woman, identified only as Natasha, was the lucky delivery driver who dispatched a $5.99 pizza to the building. It was all a ruse to let church members put their teachings into practice.

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She was led up to Rev. Steve Markle who paid for the pizza and asked her to name the biggest tip she had ever received. When Natasha told him it was $10, he gave her $15, then showed her what the rest of the congregation had chipped in.

Natasha gasped at the stack of bills as the pastor explained it was a special collection the church members had taken as a random act of kindness, underscoring the lessons of generosity.

(WATCH the video below from Sycamore Creek Church)

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