on the NileWhen Spencer Conway decided to combine his love of motorbikes with his love for Africa by attempting to solo circumnavigate the continent on two wheels —something that no one has ever been able to achieve —  he knew it would be an adventure to remember. But he could not have predicted that the 60,000-kilometer journey would have such a profound effect on him. After being robbed, attacked several times and almost killed, he finally arrived home in the UK this weekend with a new world record to claim — and a check for almost $43,500 for Save the Children.

Raising money for Save the Children was something that as a father he felt compelled to do. “I wanted to be an ambassador for Africa, so to make it even more worthwhile, I contacted the charity.” Allowing him full use of their logos, he started his own website and began to prepare for the biggest and most dangerous ride of his life.

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