The business pioneer who co-founded Costco is being remembered today around the country, but particularly in the Seattle area where he opened his first store in 1983.

Well known as a philanthropist who treated his workers like family, Jeff Brotman died in his sleep at age 74, still the chairman of the warehouse chain that now operates 736 stores across the world, including 511 in the U.S.

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The son of son of Jewish immigrants from Romania, Brotman not only transformed the way many families shop, he “transformed the way we treat people”, according to King 5 news in Seattle.

The state’s Governor said so many companies now in the region are offering full health insurance benefits to even part-time employees, as well as financial aid so employees can go to college, and that is due to Costco’s leadership.

His personality was “bubbly” and he had fun while he worked, an infectious quality that spread throughout the store’s aisles, where Brotman knew most employees by name.

(WATCH the tribute below) – Photo courtesy of Costco

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