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A big, purple bus is keeping people warm during a bitter cold New York winter–even when it has no seats on the inside.

A church in Buffalo has turned it into a mobile clothing pantry for delivering gloves, hats, and other cold weather gear to people on the streets..

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True Bethel Baptist Church was still in the process of converting it when temperatures plunged below freezing, so Pastor Darius Pridgen decided to press it into service early.

After parishioners stocked it, the pastor and his crew began cruising Buffalo neighborhoods, and rushing up to anyone who needed warm, wooly gloves and hats.

The church plans to hand out $200,000 in clothes over the winter, but the pastor reminds everyone that they can help neighbors in the cold, too.

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“I challenge people and encourage them, because that’s what I’m going to do… keep some extra gloves, some extra hats (for) when you see seniors and you see children out,” Pridgen told WIVB News. “God would just have us to be the angel and not wait on an organization.”

(WATCH the video from WIVB News below) – Photo: WIVB video

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