cn8-anchors.jpgI pitched a good news story to a producer at CN8’s Your Morning show, and he loved it. This Thursday morning I will be featured in an interview segment from the studio in Washington, DC talking to more than 9 million viewers from Maine to Virginia. What’s the topic? The 5 Silver Linings of High Gas Prices! I think the anchors (right) are in Philly, so I hope the long-distance conversation flows smoothly… It’s starts at 6:10 AM. if you are in the Comcast viewing area, you might want to check us out.

I also have radio interviews tomorrow, Wednesday morning on WSJS, in the Winston/Salem, Greensboro triad at 9:35 with JR Snider, and later, with Ron Ross in Bloomington, IL (WJBC) at 11:10.

Next Monday you can catch me on KWNA in Nevada at 10:10 AM with Rod Williams.

All these radio hosts want to hear about the 5 Silver Linings of High Gas Prices. (I guess I should add a story to the site with these 5 optimistic takes on oil prices… 




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