These college students may be stretching out in the sun over spring break, but it’s not because they’re on a beach – they’re actually choosing to install solar panels on rooftops instead.

Over 200 students from 15 different schools across the country have been volunteering for Grid Alternatives; a nonprofit that installs solar panels on lower-income households to help reduce their utility bills.

The organization reportedly installs over 200 solar panels annually for those in need. The panels are estimated to save the household up to 80% on their electricity bill.

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To make “Solar Spring Break”, ever better, the volunteering students are given access to mentorships, job openings, and career recommendations.

Not to mention they get the satisfaction of giving back to the community and the families that really need it – while the save the planet.

“[Solar Spring Break] was deeply eye-opening, mind opening and heart opening,” said Jasmine Tan, an undergraduate at Duke University who participated in 2016. “I felt so much more connected, not only to the solar and sustainability industry, but also to a whole new community and network.”

(WATCH the video below)

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