According to Colombian police officials, the number of people kidnapped in their nation has fallen by 92% since 2000.

The country used to be considered one of the most popular zones for kidnapping in the world, with an estimated 30,000 people captured since 1970.

Thanks to the recent peace deal between the rebels of The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia People’s Army and the government, thus ending their 52 year war, only about 188 people were kidnapped in 2016, showing historic new progress.

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Rebel forces were typically known for kidnapping police officers or military personnel, however they also would go on “miraculous fishing expeditions” which entailed taking lucrative-looking civilians and holding them for ransom, according to the BBC.

Under the peace agreement, FARC will turn in its weapons and become a political movement, similar to the path taken by the Irish Republican Army in 1998. The “ideas” that were iterated in the peace accord include serious agrarian reform on behalf of the government, and reparations for thousands of victims of the war.

Though there are still several political prisoners being held by the rebels, they say that they will release the hostages once peace talks begin their actual progress.

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