This AP story features a photo of a huge lion planting a big kiss onto the lips of a Columbian woman who rescued him from abuse and continues caring for him alongside a menagerie of other animals at her Villa Lorena shelter for injured and mistreated animals in Chile. (read the story)


UPDATED with Video:


  1. I love this story and would like to know how to do
    I saw this on the news and thought it was just lovely. Imagine taking in a lion! I wonder how I could donate to this lady – does anyone know?

  2. I Fixed the Link Above
    So sorry folks, the link was broken on the AP story. You can read all about the lady now, just click above. I searched the web for you and couldn’t find any site for her shelter, or any contact info.

    Might I suggest sending a donation to the lady in Tennessee who saves abused elephants from circuses, and runs a large refuge for the animals, giving them joy and rest and care.

    Elephant Sanctuary with Contact Links, adresses:

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