A Pittsburgh police pursuit drove Detective Jack Mook, a perennial bachelor, to become a father.

Mook, a trainer at Steel City Boxing, told himself that the troubles of brothers Josh and Jessee Lyle were not his own as long as the boys arrived at the North Side gym for their almost-daily workouts. Then they stopped showing up and their guardian fled from police, crashing into a car and an embankment in the North Side.

“I said, ‘Enough is enough. I want those kids,’ ” said Mook, 44. “They could’ve been in that car.”

And he’s pursuing permanent adoption with the support of the boys’ mother, a drug addict.

“This is an amazing story about a cop (who I grew up with) stepping up and adopting two at risk youth,” said Christopher Lazzara, who sent the link to us.

(READ the story, with photos, from Pittsburgh Tribune-Review)

(Above) Unrelated Photo by Elliot Margolies on Flickr – CC license

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