During a dark week in the news when we saw the profession in a negative light, here’s another story to help us remember the humanity of police officers.

Officer C. Hicks of Tulsa, Oklahoma recalled a memorable moment that happened while on duty late Saturday night. It was posted on the Tulsa Police Department Facebook page and forwarded to the Good News Network:

“I figure it’s important to every once in a while share some of the cool opportunities that are afforded being a policeman out on the beat overnight. With that, last night I was called to a house in regards to telephone threats this nice family was randomly receiving. I took care of the call, but couldn’t help but notice the boy all of about 3 in his pajamas just staring at me wide eyed, mouth open, who was about to be put to bed. While talking, I felt a tiny hand grab mine, and pull me further in to the living room. He had a children’s dinosaur book in his hands, and proceeded to point at it, smile, hand me the book, and sit down.

”I thought to myself..what a privileged opportunity. The boy’s parents told him no, and that I had to go because I had more important things I had to get to. To me, I felt there wasn’t anything that I was going to come across in the night more important. I proceeded to read the dinosaur book, and not only had the boy as an audience, but the parents became one too. Hopefully my dinosaur pronunciations and sounds weren’t too off-key, as I don’t have much experience with things of these sorts. I guess they were ok judging by everyone’s laughter.”

“It made my night at work, and hopefully his too.”

Photo from TPDphoto.com – Story tip from Stacey Evans