Though Brazil is well known for its corruption and impunity, state employees are rejoicing over the reclamation of government funds from the former Governor of Rio de Janeiro.

Ex-Governor Sergio Cabral is being forced by justice to return $100 million worth of corruption money that he collected over the course of his seven-year term. The returned funds are being used to pay a two-month backlog of state employee wages.

While the full investigation of Cabral takes place, authorities have identified roughly $450 million in corruption money and valuables. Though they have only been able to prove about $100 million, the cash will be returned to government accounts, which will then be used to pay Rio de Janeiro workers their rightfully-earned salaries.

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Cabral ran the State of Rio de Janeiro from 2007 to 2014. During this period, he and former President Lula da Silva were incredibly popular within the nation.

But now, with the Petrobras scandal along with the State’s delicate financial situation causing the government to put holds on employee salaries, the former Governor has been put behind bars while a full investigation is launched into the extent of his dealings.

“Our employees are suffering and this is a great relief – we have lots of needs, but salaries is a simple way to put food on the table of many families,” said Governor Luiz Pezao.

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